FOAMGLAS® Building Insulation 

High performance, long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly insulation for the entire building envelope.


Pittsburgh Corning is a leading global manufacturer of innovative and technically advanced insulation for the industrial, commercial and building markets. Our sustainable products conserve energy, protect the environment, and have improved the lives of millions of people in virtually every country in the world.


FOAMGLAS® cellular glass offers outstanding ecological and economic characteristics that meet the global demands of an evolving building market.


FOAMGLAS® insulation offers a large range of building assembly solutions, from roofs to floors, below grade to façades.





Project Profile: Delaware Residence
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FOAMGLAS® Building Insulation

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On the Jobsite with FOAMGLAS®

by Alex Wilson      

"Why we need a product like Foamglas
I’ve written often about the problems with extruded polystyrene from an environmental and health perspective..."

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FOAMGLAS® Insulation named

to the Top-10 Green Products by

Building Green Publishing

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FOAMGLAS® Building Insulation

offers a free AIA seminar service

which is accredited by the

American Institute of Architects.


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